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Happy Blogoversary To Me!

So, I recently let my one month blogoversay pass without notice.  Now, we can’t let that happen.  Blogging is my new favorite extra curricular!  I wanted to take this special occasion to briefly outline why this blog has changed my life for the better…

  1. Dating used to be a mission to find a husband.  My expectation of each date was to find a father to my future children and a partner to grow old with.  Perhaps these expectations were too high.  No wonder I was disappointed.  Now, my expectations have changed greatly.  I’m looking for content to write about.  Period.  Expectations lowered.  Expectations met.  All of a sudden, I leave good and bad dates a happy camper because I know I can craft it into a post!  Win for me!
  2. When I went on a lacking date pre-blog, I would just let it bother me for a few days.  Now, when I write it down, it gives me an outlet to get the terrible guy out of my head, into my computer, and out on the internet.  It is so cathartic, and I feel so much better after writing the experience down, often getting anger and disappointment off my chest.
  3. A lot of the time, once I post, you, my wonderful readers, comment… on how horrible the guy sounded, on how proud of me you are, on how interested you were on my view of the topic, or on how you had a similar experience.  This is a whole new world for me!  My fabulous friends, who I love dearly, are all moving in with, living with, engaged to, or married to their significant others.  Given this background, there isn’t much talk of dating when we all hang out, and it leaves me wanting of a place to discuss one of the main parts of my life.  You, my dear readers, give me that space.  Thank you so much for commenting, discussing, encouraging, agreeing, reposting, and just showing me that I’m not alone in this messed up world of dating.
  4. A Knight's TaleAnd finally, while not the kindest reason to enjoy blogging, I do like getting my bit of revenge!  Horrific dates leave me with a bad night; I leave them forever immortalized in the written word.  To quote one of my favorite movies, A Knight’s Tale, “I will eviscerate you in fiction. Every pimple, every character flaw. I was naked for a day; you will be naked for eternity.” (And to think, what I write is not fiction!)

About whenstrangerskiss

I am a woman in my late twenties looking for love... or like... or a fun night out. Clearly, I have had adventures and misadventures in dating and after years of friends telling me to publish all of my hysterical stories on a blog, I'm doing it!

5 responses to “Happy Blogoversary To Me!

  1. Malkire ⋅

    Excellent quote!

  2. Your Therapist ⋅

    This is such a healthy outlet for you! Keep going…

  3. could not agree more!! Ryan and I have found ourselves going out with people SOLELY for the purpose of the blog… the things we do for the sake of our readers 😉 (at least that’s what I keep telling myself)

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